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étiquette de bouteille de vin de Pays d'OC Domaine Rayssac 2014

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Domaine Rayssac Vin de Pays d'Oc 2015

Intensely gourmet and expressive, this local wine may surprise you with its well-made structure. Its fruity, juicy cherry and redcurrants aromas gives way to Mediterranean perfumes of thyme, laurier and rosemary, which provide excellent aromatic freshness.


100% Merlot


Tasting advice:

Food paring: red meat or spicy cooked plate.
Temperature: 16 °C (61°F)
Ageing: between 2 and 4 yo.



Clay and Limestone, Aragon Clay, Ventenac Clay

Density: 4 000 stocks/ha


45 hl/ha



Traditionnal, long fermentation (1 month)
Breeding in concrete vats


Alcoohol content:

13,5 °


Bottled in June 2015.

Bottled : “Bordelaises”
(Height : 300 mm)
Box : 6 bottles standing separated with a separator

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