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Ceps de vigne du Domaine Rayssac
Chateau Rayssac is one of the most prestigious wine of Languedoc region, with atlantic and mediterranean grapes variety   

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The vine has been growing at Château Rayssac since 1873. Located in the South-West of France, more precisely in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, it has found in Conques-sur-Orbiel a perfect room for expression. Framed by the Black Mountain and the worldwide known Medieval City of Carcassonne, the estate is composed of 39 hectares, of which 29 are currently in 2016 planted between 460 and 600 feet above sea level.


In this natural and preserved landscape, among forests, scrubland and almond trees, Château Rayssac's vineyard is ideally set to express the best of Languedoc's terroir. Its topsoil is characterized by a deep superficial layer of limestone, which allows a perfect control of the vine's water supply. This alkaline ground is mainly composed of shells and sea urchin sedimentation from the Tertiary. A clay-limestone subsoil allows the roots to spread deep in the ground for freshness and aromatic complexity.


Cabardès is a unique blend of Mediterranean and Bordeaux varieties : The Designation of Origin Cabardès can both be considered as the westernmost vineyard of Languedoc and the easternmost of the Southwest wine region. This unique transitional climate combines Mediterranean’s sunlight and Aquitaine’s freshness.


This makes Cabardès the only terroir where winemakers blend Atlantic (Bordeaux) varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc in equal proportion with Mediterranean ones (Syrah and Grenache), providing to the wine the best possible balance between fruit and structure, softness and complexity, richness and elegance.


In 2011, AOC Cabardès was qualified by the magazine « La Revue du Vin de France » as the 11th GRAND CRU of LANGUEDOC.Château Rayssac produces well-built red wines, as well as some fresh and delicate rosé. Because of its concern for quality, the yields are between 35 and 45 hectoliters per hectares picked up on 20 and 40 year old vines, for a total of 100 000 and 150 000 bottles per year. The vinification method is traditional, with a long fermentation.


Our wines do not age in barrel in order to keep grape's natural flavours intact. They are carefully brought to maturity in concrete vats, allowing the right amount of oxygen as well as a control of temperature. Their powerful and very aromatic structure reveals a deep fruit with almond, thyme and earthy notes 



Cabardès DOC is made of antlantic  

and mediteranean grapes. We also vinify Languedoc DOP and Vins de Pays d'OC....



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