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étiquette de bouteille de vin rouge d'A.O.P Languedoc 2014

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A.O.P Languedoc Rouge 2014

A.O.P Languedoc - Chateau Rayssac reveals a good balance of intensity of ripe fruit (black currant, raspberry) and spicy natural character. Its rich aromatic bouquet full of fragrances attests the landscape where the grape has born and grown up besides coniferous forests, perfumed garrigue and wild almond trees. In order to preserve this natural and complex aroma, this wine is ageing in concrete vats rather than in barrel


Grenache 50%, Syrah 50%


Tasting device:

Food pairing: Gizzard salad, red meat, duck confits.
Température: 16 °C (=61°F)
Ageing: between 8 and 10 years



Clay, Aragon Clay and Ventenac clay

Density : 4 000 stocks/ha


Traditional, long fermentation (1 month)

Breeding in Epoxy concrete vats.


45 hl/ha


Alcoohol concentration:

13,5 °


Bottled in June 2015.

Bottles : Bourguignone
(height : 300 mm)
Box : 6 lying bottles with a separator

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